Why You Should Install An Under Bench Water Filter Unit

Have you been thinking about installing an under bench water filter for your home or business? Let us explain some of the key benefits that you can experience by installing a brand-new unit from Boiling Point Services.

Clutter-free Space-Savers

Underbench water filter units are designed to fit neatly underneath your sink or kitchen bench. This means your countertops and kitchen are left clean and free of clutter that can exist from countertop water filter alternatives. Only the tap will be on display, enhancing your home or workplace interior instead of taking away from it.

Sleek Water Faucet Design

Our under bench systems come with stylish, modern, and sleek taps. You will be surprised by the significant enhancement these stylish taps can give to your kitchen! These taps are designed to impress, and can positively improve your home or workplace aesthetics while being highly functional and practical.

Low Maintenance

Under bench water filter systems require minimal maintenance, saving you time, energy and money. Generally, filters will only need replacing every 6 to 12 months. We have all the replacement parts required for when it’s time to change filters.


These filters allow you to have access to clean, impurity-free water for all your cooking, drinking, and cleaning needs, every single time. Your loved ones, employees, or customers will all benefit from having easy access to the cleanest chilled drinking water possible. They’re perfect for commercial kitchens, as you can easily fill large pots with water at the sink, making cooking that much more easy and convenient.

Cost-Effective Water Filtration Solution

Under bench water filter units are a great solution to provide instant boiling and chilled water, whenever you need it. These units are perfect for cooking, cleaning, and many other tasks which might require clean water!  After the initial purchase and installation costs are covered, you will start saving money that might have been instead spent on bottled water, water filter jugs, and replacement filters. Over time, cost-saving benefits will outweigh costs.

Energy Efficient Water Filters

Billi under sink water filters feature technology that leads to significant energy savings. Their units include a standby mode to conserve energy by shutting down after two-hours without use. This will save you money from unnecessary energy consumption, while also helping to reduce damage to the environment caused by excessive energy consumption, reducing your home or business’ ecological footprint.

And of course… clean, great-tasting water!

Everyone should enjoy great-tasting, crisp water that is readily chilled or boiled when required. Installing a water filter guarantees significant reductions in impurities that can affect the taste of water, its colour, odour, and even your health. Under bench water filtration units are an excellent solution for Australian homes and businesses looking for pure, affordable water solutions. Stop consuming unwanted particles and bacteria with a high-quality system.

Boiling Point Services offer a wide range of Billi under bench water filtration units, which are high-quality, leading-edge water filtration systems. Commercial customers can book a service to install a brand new water filtration unit.