Benefits of Boiling and Chilled Drinking Water Units

Chilled and Boiling Drinking Water Units, Filtered instantly at the touch of a button

Drink more water 

It is the number one way that you can ensure your team is working to their potential, drinking water is the best way to help energy levels, reduce headaches and improve overall well being.

Convenient and environmentally friendly

No more time wasting staff ducking out of the office to grab their coffee order, having readily available filtered drinking water and boiling water to satisfy the coffee drinkers increases productivity in your workplace. Help save the planet by reducing one use plastic.

Options are endless

Need boiling water only, need boiling and Chilled water, what about sparkling water? Did you know that some water units can also provide the water to your mixer tap. Most under bench units are fitted with filtration. There are also many options for tapware, contact us for your specific needs.

Easy to use

The systems are easy to use, both Billi and ZIP drinking water units feature a display that will tell you what the status of the units are if they need servicing etc.

Instant asset write off – Until end of June 2020

Bonus. The Australian Government introduced the immediate deduction for the business portion of the cost of an asset up to the 30th June 2020. For more information and to see if you qualify visit here.

View our range of favourite Billi, ZIP and other water units.

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Questions to ask when sizing up your next Boiling, Chilled Drinking water system

  • Can you supply, Install and provide ongoing reliable and cost-effective service?
  • How many people will it serve?
  • Is there an alternative option to consider?
  • How much warranty, and what is covered?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Will you remind me when my next filter is due?

Contact Boiling Point Services to help you decide the right size and requirements for your location. We can also offer, whilst we are onsite a quick health check to make sure you are optimizing efficiency.

Our technicians are factory trained with the manufacturers, warranty periods will differ depending on the manufacturer, we can look after all your Billi, ZIP, Rheem & Supakwik warranty needs. We will attend and raise the warranty request and complete the repair whilst on-site, all you need to book a service call on our website.